Happy Valentine’s Day

Namaste friends and happy Valentine’s Day!  Unfortunately, Valentine’s Day has very much evolved into a commercialized holiday.  However, when we can pause and look past the tangible parts about Valentine’s Day we see that this day is all about celebrating love.  The love you have for your spouse or partner, the love we embody for our children, the unspoken love you feel for the person practicing yoga next to you, the list goes on and on.  But often what is neglected on Valentine’s Day is self-love…radical self-acceptance and self-love!  What a thought.  Imagine how your day may be different if you truly loved an honored yourself.  Imagine how your day would be different if we approached our lives from a place of love and compassion.  Just imagine for a second how you might feel if you whole heartedly loved yourself, everything about yourself!  Imagine for just one second that you are nothing but love!  Yeah this is potent stuff.

The fact of the matter is that at times we forget about our divine nature.  We forget that at the core of our being is nothing but beauty, grace, and wisdom.  We forget that we are exactly where we are meant to me.  But that’s okay.  We are meant to forget.  We are meant to lose ourselves.  Every time we forget, we have another opportunity to remember, another opportunity to celebrate you!

This Valentine’s Day I challenge you (just for a second) to pause, breathe, and celebrate you.  Celebrate everything about you, as you are perfect just as you are!

Happy Valentine’s Day friends and remember BE BEAUTIFUL! BE ABUNDANT! BE YOU! BE GRACE!



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