Kids Yoga-Take Your Practice off of Your Mat

It has been such a pleasure to share the practice of yoga with so many toddlers and kids this summer at Wright Farms Library in Thornton. Every week I have had an amazing opportunity to witness the manifestation of yoga at its most raw and fundamental form.   Your energy and playfulness is truly humbling and transformational on many different levels.  These little yogis and yoginis absolutely embrace the practice of yoga.  They are walking, talking, singing manifestations of love, compassion, and of course grace!

With any style of yoga it is important to take our practice off of our mats (or grass!) and into our lives.  You may start noticing the more you practice with your toddler or kiddo the more yoga moments you have outside of class.  It may be a random downdog as you are playing outside, or possibly a child pretending to blow out candles on a birthday cake.  They may start singing “Extend and Stretch” in the bathtub or ask you to play yoga with them.  They may even start talking about “magic words” outside of class or utilize tools such as breathing exercises or “shake like jelly” to cope with stress or feelings of anger and frustration. 

Moms, dads, grandmas, grandpas, and nannies you may also start noticing your own yoga moments outside of class.  Let’s be real, being a parent and caregiver is one of the hardest and most challenging responsibilities we may ever face in our lives.  There are moments of deep belly laughter and playfulness but also moments of uncertainty and immense judgment (both from within and without).  There may be times when it serves you to throw out a random downdog or salute the sun through a sun salutation.  Maybe a magic word or positive self-talk can bring more balance and harmony into this moment and your life.

Whether you are 2 or 52 take the practice of yoga off of your mat and into your life and into the lives of all those you meet.  Yoga will serve not only your child, but your inner child, your relationships, your body and mind and will without a doubt open you up to this whole realm of infinite possibility.

Below are the lyrics to some of the songs we have practiced in class this summer.  Commit to 3, 4, or 5 minutes a day to embrace this extraordinary practice with your child and yourself!  And I hope to continue to see you on your mats through the month of July.  Happy yoga my friends!

Good Morning Song

  • Good morning everybody how are you?
  • Good morning everybody how are you?
  • I’m happy every day and I’m gonna stay that way.
  • Good morning everybody how are you?


Hello Song

  • Hello Grace (insert child’s name). 
  • Stretchy, stretchy Grace (insert child’s name).
  • Tosie, tosie, tosie
  • 1, 2, 3


Extend and Stretch

  • Extend and stretch.  Extend and stretch.
  • Twist and turn.  Twist and turn.
  • This is yoga.  This is yoga.
  • Om sweet home.  Om sweet home.


Mister Sun

  • Oh Mister Sun, Sun,
    Mister Golden Sun,
    Please shine down on me

    Oh Mister Sun, Sun,
    Mister Golden Sun,
    Hiding behind a tree…

    These little children
    Are asking you
    To please come out
    So we can play with you

    Oh Mister Sun, Sun,
    Mister Golden Sun,
    Please shine down on me!

And always…Be Beautiful, Be Abundant, Be You, Be Grace!


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