A Calling to Serve

A Calling to Serve
I vividly remember the first Baby and Me yoga class I took my daughter to almost five years ago.  We were struggling with some undiagnosed food sensitivities and colic-like behavior.  Needless to say, I was nervous about taking her to class.  I was worried she might cry the entire class and disrupt everyone else’s practice and worse feed into my own insecurities of being a mother.  I even called the studio beforehand just to make sure they were okay if we came!
It was more than a minor miracle to get out the door and make it to class somewhat on time.  As soon as we got there, my daughter immediately wanted out of her car seat and wanted to nurse and nurse and nurse.  In fact she stayed latched on for over half of the class.  BUT we made it and I felt this amazing sense of relief walking into the yoga space.  I felt at home.  I felt welcomed.  I felt like I fit in again.  Kind of like your freshman year in college when you open the door of your dorm room and viola there’s an entire floor of girlfriends wanting to be your friend.  Although that class I practiced very little asana, I started to develop a community of mamas I would continue to connect with for years down the road.  That was my yoga!  That was what served me and hence served my entire family in that moment.  And it planted a seed to expand my own teaching to include the postnatal population and eventually to train teachers on how to facilitate “meaningful” postnatal yoga classes.
Let’s be honest, our culture is broken when it comes to postpartum support for women and families.  It breaks my heart when I hear stories of women returning to work at six weeks postpartum because they can’t afford not to.  Or stories of mastitis and early weaning because there was no breastfeeding support system available.  Or postpartum depression, postpartum anxiety, obsessive compulsive disorder and moms having no idea where to turn for help.  Or what about the mom suffering silently out of embarrassment of the changes in her body postpartum…incontinence, prolapse, leaking, queefing.  These stories speak to my soul.  They have awakened something deep within me.  A sense of service, a passion to serve.  And my service is through offering meaningful postnatal yoga classes that invite women to explore the multi-faceted journey called “motherhood.”  And if you are passionate about this too, you can do the same.
My next Postnatal/Baby and Me yoga teacher training will be on Friday February 21st from 3:00-7:00 and Saturday February 22nd from 12:30-6:30.  Not only will we dive into the practice of postnatal yoga, we will intentionally create a positive shift in postpartum care in our culture.  Be a part of the solution and join me in offering women a space of compassion, love, and unconditional support as they navigate their own postpartum return “hOMe.”
Sara Guenther
MS, E-RYT 200
To register for her Postnatal/Baby and Me yoga teacher training please visit www.themamahooddenver.com.
Postnatal YTT February 2014

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