New Year. New Intentions. Same OLD emotions.


Welcome to 2018!  It is with much relief to most of us to bid farewell to 2017 and welcome a new year and a new opportunities to manifest more happiness and joy in our lives.

2017 was a year full of change, difficult conversations, decisions, and a wide array of intense emotions for me personally.  Through all of this, I’ve decided I need to embrace more truth and transparency in ALL areas of my life.  So, over the holidays when my aunt innocently asked me what my new years resolutions are, I took this as a divine moment to share authentically from my heart.  I started off with sharing that I no longer set resolutions as I’m intending to step more into the flow with the universe rather than control any particular outcome…blank stare from my aunt but a look of curiosity, so I continued.  I went on to explain that this year I’m focusing more on emotions I intend to manifest more of in my life rather than fixating on outcomes.  Because does it really matter if you have what you think you want if you don’t have the underlying feeling associated with it? I was on a roll at that point so I just kept talking and the more I shared the more engaged and fascinated she became with my perspective on emotions and their importance in our lives.  Hmmm…..maybe authentic communication does manifest deeper and more authentic connections within our lives.

So whats the deal with emotions anyways?  Why are they so important in our lives…besides the obvious reasons of course?

Now stay with me as I dive into this…does it really matter if you achieve any particular outcome if you don’t manifest the underlying feeling you are craving or needing more of in your life?  For example, if you achieve that promotion but still are feeling inadequate in your job and life is the promotion really adding more lasting happiness and joy or is it just a temporary band aide for a deeper wound?  Or what if you make new friendships and relationships but still carry a sense of abandonment with you in your life.  Will these new friendships really manifest a deeper level of happiness and joy in your life?  My guess is probably not.  Old patterns will most likely manifest and continue to attract more abandonment in your life. Big sigh!

So, rather than trying to control any particular outcome in your life, try to simply pay attention to how you feel.  Sounds easy enough right?!? Your feelings are like a mirror reflecting back to you how aligned you are with your higher self in any given moment.  Okay, that’s much deeper but stay with me.  For our friend who is carrying the vibration of abandonment, rather than attracting more abandonment in your life, think about how you want to feel.  Hmmm…perhaps more secure with yourself.  Perhaps more connected in all of your relationships.  Perhaps you want deeper levels of love in your life.  So notice when you feel this way.  Notice when you feel secure with yourself.  Observe when you feel connected in a relationship.  Notice when you feel a deep sense of love and take note.  Journal it.  Bring more awareness to these moments as they are tiny but profound messages from your higher self.

Lets use me as an example!  For a long time I’ve carried with me a desire to “fit in.”  Growing up I felt different from others.  I didn’t like football although everyone around me obsessed over it.  I’ve always had deep, soulful questions like what is my purpose in life and why am I here, although I never really had an avenue to explore these questions.  I wanted to “fit in” but in order to do so decided I needed to try and be someone who I’m not.  Sound familiar?  The story I told myself was I needed to hide a part of who I was in order to be accepted and loved.  I needed to please others to receive the love I was deeply craving.

Fast forward 39 years and I’m now recognizing how these seeds that were planted so long ago are not serving me in my life.  Rather than masking a part of my being, I feel happier when I express just for the sake of expression.  I feel joy when I take an intuitive course and tap into the healing capacities within me.  I feel alive when I practice yoga and meditate.  These feelings are like invisible teachers within my life guiding me on my path and helping me manifest more love and joy within my life.  I’m beginning to notice when I feel happy and empowered and when I step into a place of fear or self doubt or any lower vibration.

The moral of the story here is to just notice how you feel.  Notice what you are doing when you feel happy and alive and take note.  Notice what you are doing when you feel sad and lethargic and take note.  No need to judge yourself, just notice.  Now do more of what invokes feelings of love and joy within your life.

As Yogi Bhajan said:

“Make a list of things that make you happy.

Make a list of things you do everyday.

Compare the lists.

Adjust accordingly.”

To more lasting love, joy, authentic connection, and happiness within your life!



Article originally published on the mama’hood  

One thought on “New Year. New Intentions. Same OLD emotions.

  1. I love this Sara. I can’t wait to read more of your blog. Maybe I can “get it” and next time I won’t have a blank stare 🤓. I love you for you and so happy you are brave enough to find your authentic self in this wild world we live in. I love you. Your Aunt.

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