I’ve been on a mission lately to plant seeds of authentic, profound self-love in every woman I meet throughout my weekly classes and trainings and most importantly within myself.  This seed was planted for me several weeks ago during a Valentine’s Day toddler yoga class (well lets be honest I think about love all the time…haha).  All the children were jumping up and down….1-2-3 MEDITATE!  We then sat down in a seated meditation, massaged our third eye and repeated the affirmation “I LOVE MYSELF! I LOVE MYSELF!!!  I LOVE MYSELF!!!!!!!!  How incredibly sweet to witness a room full of toddlers screaming I LOVE MYSELF!

I then asked the women in the room “what do YOU love about yourself?”  One brave soul raised her hand and shared she loves the enthusiasm she brings to life.  Amazing!  I could feel her enthusiasm throughout the class and was honored to witness her journey of self-love.  Then the room became completely silent, well as silent as it can get with toddlers roaming about.  I asked myself, “in a class of this size how can only one woman love something about herself?”  So I got really curious and decided to call upon someone.  And I asked in the most compassionate way “what do you love about yourself?”  Her response was “NOTHING.”  That was it.  In that first moment she was unable to think of a single thing she loves about herself.  She then looked lovingly at her toddler and you could see in her eyes a moment of recognition that she was planting seeds here and needed to be a positive role model for her son.  She then went on to say, “I love that I am a great mom.”

YES you are an amazing mom I wanted to scream.  I can feel your compassion and your unconditional love for your child.  You are an amazing mom AND  you are so much more.  You are absolute beauty and abundance and bliss.  You radiate beauty and truth and inner sweetness.  Oh how I wish you could see within yourself everything I can see within you!!!

After that encounter I decided to get even more curious.  I posed this question to multiple students during my classes that week…”What do YOU love about yourself?”  The answers I received were so very honest and so incredibly sad.  “I can’t really think of anything I love about myself.  I need to think about it some more.”  “There are a couple things I like about myself but I can’t really think of anything I love about myself.”  “I haven’t really thought about it much.”

Yup that was me even 1-2 years ago.  I could rattle off in a heartbeat everything I loved about my children and my friends and my family but if anyone were to ask me what I loved about myself, I would have had absolutely nothing or very little to offer.

Today I can honestly tell you I love myself.  I love my open heart.  I love my commitment to my personal practice and deepening my connection to spirit.  I love my enthusiasm for life and ability to continuously grow in this world.  I love my ability to listen to myself and to others. I love that I am planting seeds for my own children of self-love.  I love how I am a forever student always asking myself how can I rise up in this world?  I even love my body.  I love my curiosity and desire to create change.  Shall I keep going?!?!  Sure this is an ongoing process for me but I can honestly say I LOVE MYSELF!

If we want our children to love themselves we have to start by loving ourselves.  If we want our relationships to grow and evolve we have to start loving ourselves and allowing ourselves to grow.  If we want to create deeper levels of love within our lives we have to start loving ourselves in deeper ways.

So, I challenge you to contemplate “WHAT DO YOU LOVE ABOUT YOURSELF?”  Journal it.  Meditate on it.  Comment below.  Tell your kids everyday what you love about yourself.  Ask them to tell you what they love about themselves and what they love about you.  Go ahead, give yourself permission to bathe in unconditional, authentic, profound self-love.  Have a self- love fest.  It may not come naturally at first but with time and with lots and lots and lots of practice I know you will also fall completely in love with yourself!



Article originally published on the mama’hood 


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