About Sara

After graduating with her master’s degree in Clinical-Counseling Psychology, Sara began a self-reflective journey to find herself as a “mental-health counselor.”  Her journey consisted of many treatment modalities, working with a diverse clientele, and eventually to leaving the mental health field.  Sara knew she was passionate about psychotherapy but felt like something was missing.  Ultimately, she needed the experience of losing herself to do the inner work necessary to find that missing link…YOGA!

For the past 9 years, Sara has been committed to serving women and families on a self-reflective, inward journey of finding an embracing their inner selves through the practice of yoga, meditation, movement, and mindfulness practices. In addition to her weekly yoga classes, Sara leads private and small group birth story healing sessions, private therapeutic yoga sessions, and several professional yoga teacher trainings. She also manages the yoga programming at a local studio committed to serving women and families through the practice of yoga, educational offerings, and lactation support.

Sara’s classes are a fusion of alignment based asana, meditation, mantra, and sacred, fluid movement. She express heart-felt gratitude to all of her teachers, guides, and mentors who have invited her to step into her dharma and continuously refine her path. Sara’s offerings are most profoundly influenced by her studies with Gurmukh Kaur Khalsa, Dr. Roger Teel, Laura Wade, Chris Muchow, Katie Wise, and Pam England.

be grace yoga is the name Sara has given to the style of yoga she teaches.  It is a philosophy, a way of being that invites you to tap into an embrace the grace that lies within.  Grace isn’t necessarily a person, or object but rather a quality: an energy which unites us with our authentic nature.  From prenatal to postnatal, to toddler, kids, and family, to women’s yoga, be grace yoga classes offer a safe space to return to our source.

Sara’s daughter, Grace, has been and continues to be her greatest teacher.  Through their experiences and unconditional love, Sara has been able to become one with her own essence.  She has connected with Grace in a way she never knew or dreamed was possible.  Therefore, she has named this practice and offers the merits of this practice to her daughter Grace!

be grace yoga invites you to be beautiful! be abundant! be you! be grace!