Birth Story Healing

Birth Story Healing Private and Group Sessions


Childbirth is a profound rite of passage for women, men, and anyone who witnesses a birth.  With any rite of passage the experience itself can be empowering and uplifting while at the same time may trigger feelings of confusion, regret, uncertainty, shame, and/or guilt.  Initially we may feel grateful especially if our baby is healthy, but these defeating feelings often keep resurfacing and may start controlling or dominating our lives.

Postpartum, women often feel alone and isolated especially if they are processing emotional birth trauma or even a moment of their birth they keep coming back to time and time again.  They often receive messages to “get over it” and “move on” with their lives.  A woman may reach out to other mothers or women in her life only to be met with shared anger or grief and story swapping, without any real healing or re-narration of her story.  She recognizes these negative beliefs are impacting her sense of identity as a mother, perhaps her relationship with her child(ren), and will influence future births.  But she feels helpless as to where to go from here.

If the above feelings, beliefs, or language resonates with you please consider scheduling a Birth Story Healing session.  Sessions focus on healing, self-study, and personal growth.  Regardless of if you gave birth several weeks, months, or years ago, if you are feeling haunted or dominated by your birth or a particular moment of your birth a private or group Birth Story Healing Session will help you invite new meaning into your life.

Investment: $75.00 (private session)
Group Birth Story Healing Sessions are offered bi-monthly at the mama’hood

Sara has been serving women and families for the past six years through the practice of yoga and mindfulness practices.  Birth Story Healing sessions are inspired by Sara’s studies with Pam England and “Birth Story Medicine”, her training as a mental health therapist, as well as her own experiences as a mother.  For more information please email Sara at

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