• “The Prenatal Yoga Teacher Training at the Mamahood was intelligently planned and super inspiring! Sara Guenther gave ample time to dive into each module while covering a lot of material, and creating a space that was both safe and progressive. The guest presenters were a treat, each bringing a slightly different style and awareness to prenatal yoga. I feel honored to have had the opportunity to study with such wonderful teachers and look forward to sharing all I learned with my community!”–Prenatal Yoga Teacher Training Graduate
  • “This extensive 85 hr training embodies all the information and experiece that you need to learn to teach a well rounded and beneficial yoga practice for the prenatal body.  Sara has knowledge and expereince to lead you down the path you are looking for.  She weaves in her experience from all of her prenatal trainings to create this wonderful transformational training.  I’m so happy that I took this course and gained the knowledge to teach and help assist pregnant women through yoga.  Any birth professionals, pregnant people, or anyone looking to learn more about supporting the pregnant body using posture, pelvic floor, and proper alignment, and emotional support through all the trimesters should take this training.” –Prenatal Yoga Teacher Training Graduate
  • “Sara is a great trainer with very easy going energy.  She explains things well and really engages with everyone.”–Postnatal/Baby and Me Yoga Teacher Training Graduate
  • “Sara surrounds her students and trainees with care and support that they need in their postpartum transformation. Her postnatal training is a great resource for further independent exploration and an introduction into the world of holistic female care. Incredibly useful for yoga teachers and mamas alike!–Postnatal/Baby and Me Yoga Teacher Training Graduate”
  • “Sara taught both Toddler and Children’s Yoga classes for us all summer, and she was a delight!  She has a warm and welcoming personality, letting each participant discover Yoga at their own pace and comfort level.  I loved watching the children progress, learning so much and always having fun doing it.  I know our patrons felt very lucky to get to experience Sara’s wonderful yoga classes.”–Jodi-Anythink Wright Farms Library
  • “Sara is an exceptional teacher.  First and foremost, Sara is a lifelong learner.  She takes her professional development seriously and is constantly looking for new information to build herself as an instructor.  She has thought through each place she takes her students (young and not quite as young), but after that, it is her connection to her students that keeps them coming back.  Sara is warm, compassionate, and fun to be around.  The classes in which I have had the privilege to observe and listen in on, she has the whole room smiling and practicing together.  This is truly a gift.”–Christen-Yoga For Young Warriors
  • “My 2 year old daughter, Ella, and I have done 2 sessions of Toddler Movement and Yoga now. Ella loves this class more than any other class we’ve taken! She will randomly bust out a downdog while in public and is very proud to have learned about what her body can do. Sara is great with toddlers and always has new and fun activities for all to try!”–Rene
  • “Sara is a teacher who teaches with her whole soul. I have had the privilege of being one of Sara’s Hatha yoga students and have been inspired by her in so many ways.  Sara inspired me to become a yoga teacher as a way to deepen my practice by learning more about yoga as well as my Self.  As Sara guides her students into each pose, she does so with compassion and grace which leads to the students moving in the same manner.  Sara offers a look into the Self in each class by offering philosophical teachings and a Dharma speech relevant to every day life.  I will be eternally grateful to Sara for her love, compassion, and soulfulness that has touched my life.  I am honored and happy to call Sara one of my teachers.”  –Angelina
  • “Sara exudes enthusiasm for not only the practice of yoga, but for babies/young children as well. It is evident that she is a mama herself, and that she understands the developing physical, mental and emotional state of youngsters. Her classes are both engaging and inspiring and she provides a great platform to bond with both your baby and with other mothers. My son and I have been attending her class since he was 3 months old and continue to enjoy and benefit from each practice.”–Lauren

  • “My son and I just wanted to thank you so much for your participation with the Anythink my summer.  We have always wanted to try yoga.  He loved it so much more than either one of us anticipated.  We occasionally do it at home and I’m sure we will be doing yoga much more.  Thank you for helping us find our inner yogi!”–Anika

  • “My daughter’s first exposure to yoga was from a yoga book Sara gave her on her 1st birthday…..HUGE SUCCESS.   Since that time, Ella and I have had the privilege of attending a few of Sara’s Toddler and Me classes at the Anythink Wright Farms Library.  Sara’s passion for yoga shines through each class that she teaches.  She is continually learning about all of the wonderful benefits of yoga and sharing that wisdom with her students”–Kari

  • “Sara has been my yoga teacher for 4 yrs.  She is very good with teaching all levels of yoga practioners/students, and shines at talking you thru from the beginning to end of each asana.  I look forward to the start of each class when Sara does a short dharma speech, which helps inspire you to set an intention for your class.  My yoga practice has positively affected both my physical and mental well being.  Sara is the best!” –Kim
  • “Sara’s Family Yoga classes are are a great, fun intro to yoga for the little ones!”–Donna
  • “My daughter and I loved our yoga sessions with Sara!  She’s a warm and caring instructor who provides a safe and supportive environment to learn and explore yoga.  I was a little worried how my daughter would react since this was her first class of any kind, but Sara made us feel welcome and offered just enough structure to help create a rhythm without feeling restrictive.  I would highly recommend her classes and look forward to another session!”–Dominique
If you would like to submit a testimonial please email Sara at sarasguenther@gmail.com.